Bacchus Caves

Anything is Possible Underground...

From recreation and wine to the ultimate in security, Bacchus builds exquisite spaces nationwide.

A One-of-a-Kind Design Assist/Build Firm

Site Selection and Design Preview

Site Selection & Layout

With deep understanding (pun intended) of building underground, we design the right build to fit with your terrain and larger structure, nationwide. 

Engineering and Construction Preview


Owner David Provost began in the mining industry. With this knowledge, Bacchus Caves builds enduring structures and brings them to life. 

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Finish Out

From basic security and storage caves to the ultimate in luxury entertaining, we manage jobs from first shovel to final touch-up. We also work well with GCs and architectural firms.

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Meet Our Team

Since 1997, Bacchus Caves founder, David Provost and his team of experienced underground professionals, have continuously developed the one of a kind luxurious experience of cave building and design. Bacchus Caves excavates and designs unique caves for private and commercial clients with a multitude of purposes. A veteran of the mining industry for over two decades, David Provost is known for his expertise, energy, straight-shooting attitude and uncompromising commitment to doing a job well.

Dreams into Reality...

What Our Clients Say...

Yvonne Nevens

We decided to build a wine cellar for probably the same reason a lot of people think about building one: We started enjoying wine and spending weekends in Napa and Oregon. We'd visit wineries and buy some wine. Then we started joining mailing lists, and all of a sudden we realized we had more wine than we knew-and nowhere to put it. We're not actually collectors, but we enjoy entertaining and we wanted the convenience of having our wine at home.

When we had our first meeting with Dave and explained what we wanted, we were afraid our job would be too small for someone to take on. Built into the side of a hill, our house has massive support beams anchoring it, so we also weren't sure if our idea could even work. Rather than just saying yes or no, Dave considered the job from different points of view, thought about it creatively, and came up with a brilliant solution of where to situate our cellar. Using an existing door, he excavated and finished our crawlspace into a finished cellar.

March 20th, 2023